LOOKING BACK - August 22 edition

A Newbold Christmas fair in the early 1960s

A Newbold Christmas fair in the early 1960s

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Newbold early 1960s

This festive picture was taken in possibly 1963 or 64 in Newbold and may well have been the church Christmas bazaar.

It was brought in by Julian and Christine Edgson. Santa was Philip Edgson and his wife Doreen was on the back row, in front of the bright part of the window. On the far left of the back row was Rosemary Randle and her daughter is the guide on the far right. They can also name the vicar Robert Mighall, who was second from the left and his wife Mary, the tall lady two away from him also on the back row. Between them was William Chester-Budd, who was a church warden and his wife Ailsa was sitting on the right of the front row. The girl guide next to Mr Chester Budd was Anne Rigby and in the centre in the white top was Judith Eynon. And just above her to the right was Janet Haynes.