LOOKING BACK - August 28 edition

St John's Church youth club
St John's Church youth club
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St John’s Church youth Club - c1960

This was St John’s Church youth club in Cambridge Street in about 1960 and the picture belongs to Diana Cook (nee Devey) who along with Margaret Rogers, in the light dresses in the centre, were two girl singers called The Brunettes. They used to sing together in the church choir and at Rugby High School too.

The Merry Makers concert party

The Merry Makers concert party

Diana can’t remember the names of everyone on stage, but hopes the picture might bring back a few memories.

(From left) Lesley?, Maurice?, two girls both called Christine, Cyril Cox, Diana Devey, Ron?, Margaret Rogers (who became Margaret Dulcamara), Royston Spinks, Gordon Barker, ?, and youth club leader Pete Jackson.

Pete Jackson suggested the girls joined a travelling concert party called The Merry Makers, who used to tour around Rugby entertaining people in the estates and villages as part of the annual Rag Week. The other photograph below is of the Merry Makers Concert Party, dated September 1960. It shows a local band, The Medinas, and The Brunettes. Diana later went on to marry one of the Medinas, Graham Cook.

The Merry Makers concert party performing on the back of a lorry as they toured around Rugby in 1960.

Along with The Brunettes Diana Devey and Margaret Rogers, The Medinas were (from left) Graham Cook playing rhythm guitar, Pete Bedows on bass, Tony Campbell on lead guitar and Tony Britnell on the saxophone.