Looking Back - December 27 edition

looking back - Boxing

looking back - Boxing

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n Last week we printed a picture from Barry Essex of Dunsmore School rugby team.

This week, he’s given us a picture which is something of a mystery and wonders if anyone can help.

The back of the photo

The back of the photo

He found it when he took out the fireplace at his home in Leys Road, Hillmorton. The photo was curled underneath, as if it had been placed on the mantlepiece and fallen down.

The house was built in the 1930s, so we know it’s more recent than that, but apart from that there are very few clues. There is writing on the back, which I know isn’t very clear but maybe someone can work it out?

The only words which I can guess at are: Geo White, another which looks as if it might be Kerry or Kenny Gloss or Cross?, Lenny? and the words British Heavyweight Champion.

I’ve been looking at lists of former champions back to the turn of the century on the internet and can’t see anything that could match up with any of these names. Has anyone any ideas?

It does look as if the two young boxers were posing to have their picture taken with the smartly dressed man in the centre, who does look as if he could be a heavyweight boxer.

If anyone recognises him or perhaps knows who the two young lads were, please get in touch.