Looking Back - January 17 edition

The Alamo Club float in 1989

The Alamo Club float in 1989

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n Here are a couple more photos from the file I found a few weeks ago, full of our Rugby Carnival pictures from 1989.

These two floats were youngsters from TS Tireless and members of Rugby’s Alamo Club.

TS Tireless float in 1989

TS Tireless float in 1989

I hope there are a few of you still in the town who recognise yourselves.

n I’m really short of Looking Back pictures at the moment, so if you have anything you would like to share with other readers, I’d be very grateful!

Pictures can be from any era. If you’re able to jot down the basic details, such as the subject, year, where it was taken and as many names as you can remember, then that’s always a big help.

And any other bits of information you can remember is always useful to jog memories.

Please bring them in to me at the Advertiser and if I’m here I will copy them while you wait and you won’t have to leave them.

Thank you, Zoe