LOOKING BACK - January 7 edition

Elborow School 1957-58
Elborow School 1957-58
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Elborow School 1957-58

Who can you name among these smiling boys at St Andrews Elborow C of E Primary School in Hill Street?

The picture was taken around 1957-58 and belongs to Howard Trillo, who is fifth from the left in the second row from the top. Next to him, sixth from left, is John Cooper. The teacher was Mr Charles Robert Ivey.

Howard, who now lives in Leamington, would like to hear from anyone who recognises themselves or can name any of the others. He would also like to hear from anyone who was in another year group as he has decided to write a short history of the school - which celebrated its 250th anniversary in 1957 and closed in July 1960 - and would be interested in your reminiscenses.

Contact him via Memory Lane on (01788) 539975.