LOOKING BACK - January 8 edition

Lawrence Sheriff School reunion c1969
Lawrence Sheriff School reunion c1969
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Lawrence Sheriff School reunion about 1969

We’re starting 2015 with another picture from one of our Memory Lane regulars , Jon Bass. It was taken around 1969 and features staff of Lawrence Sheriff School together with Old Laurentians, so he can only assume that it was taken at a reunion.

Jon doesn’t know all of the names, but hopefully readers may be able to replace a few of the question marks.

(Back row left to right) Ernest (Eggy) Lay, ?, Geoffrey Martindale, Reuben Taylor, ?, A V Chadburn, ?, ?.

(Middle row) ?, Edwin Morris, ?, Dennis Skeet, Terry Wootton, ?, Wallace Crabtree, six not known, Paul Simpson, Kenneth Timson.

(Front row) ?, Joe Lewis, ?, ?, ?, AWK Ingram, John Foster (headmaster), ?, ?, Ron Gusterson, ?,?.

Those still living in Rugby include Geoffrey Martindale, who was Headmaster from 1980 to 1985, Terry Wootton, Paul Simpson and Ken Timson.