LOOKING BACK - March 6 edition

Murray School 1965
Murray School 1965
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Murray School 1965

These boys were heading home from this school building for the very last time. The picture was taken in July 1965 on the final day at Murray School, which was on the left going down Murray Road. Fareham School in Fareham Avenue was built to replace it.

The teacher leading the boys in the picture isn’t known, but next to him is Geoff Dew, followed by Graham Holden and Graham Poole, Dave Pope, David Rushall and Bruce Truman, Tom Bullock, the two on the steps aren’t known, but the pupil in the doorway is Manial Mistry.

The picture was brought in by John Buckley, who would like to encourage more old boys to join their annual reunion on Friday, March 28. It’s open to all former Murray School pupils from any year who would like to meet up with old classmates and share memories. John attended the school from the age of seven, leaving in 1952.

Please call (01788) 574871 or (01788) 522754 for more information.