LOOKING BACK - November 26 edition

Jonah Lomu with Rugby's mayor Cllr Eric Smith in 1995
Jonah Lomu with Rugby's mayor Cllr Eric Smith in 1995
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Jonah Lomu’s visit to Rugby in 1995

The sad news about New Zealand rugby playing legend Jonah Lomu last week reminded me of his visit to Rugby in 1995.

He had come to open a new factory, but also went to Rugby School Close and the museum. I can remember being disappointed he wasn’t nearly such a giant as he had seemed on television in the Rugby World Cup that summer! writes Zoe Ashton.

There was a press conference in a marquee at the DHD Engineering factory and finding myself last in line, all the obvious questions had been answered. All I could think of to ask was how he had enjoyed making that funny Pizza Hut advert with Tony Underwood, which was popular at that time - and what they’d had to say to each other, since Lomu had scored four tries against England in the semi-final. He happily chatted about it and it turned out their roles had been filmed separately and they’d not met up at all. No one would ever have guessed!