Looking Back - October 25 edition

LOOKING BACK Rokeby 1975
LOOKING BACK Rokeby 1975
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I’ve raided the Ashton family album this week, for this picture of Mrs Gay’s class at Rokeby First School in 1975, just before our Christmas concert.

Our costumes were made from shiny red curtains, cereal boxes, silver paper and flattened milk bottle tops and several mums (including mine) spent hours making them for us.



The photo - and my memory - have both faded a bit, but back row (from left) I think were Ian Tweed, William Watson, David Dickie, David Taylor, Suzanne Holland, Zoe Ashton, Susan Cleaver, Sarah McLeod, Paul Allen, David Gillon.

(On chairs) Karen Holland, Kevin Marsden, Kathryn Veitch, Adrian Eade?, ?,?, Rosie Turner, ?, Nicholas Tibbles, Paul Turnbull, ?, Nicola Coling? Sharon Mozley?.

(Front) Sarah Clarke, Lindsey Geddes, Lorna McDermott, Dawn Tomes, Petann Griffiths, Sally Burton, Raymond Curtis, Jason Kempton and Debbie Parker.

On this second picture, the row nearest the camera shows some of my classmates a little more clearly. There’s David Taylor, David Dickie, William Watson, Kirsty Bolton, Michelle Crick, Ian Tweed, Tanya Scotting, Sharon Mozley, Adrian Eade, Kathryn Veitch and Kevin Marsden.

Happy days!