Care home welcomes Rugby Mayor on Dignity Action Day

Rugby Mayor Cllr Ramesh Srivastava and resident Harry Sowden in Drovers' minimart and shared kitchens
Rugby Mayor Cllr Ramesh Srivastava and resident Harry Sowden in Drovers' minimart and shared kitchens
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Rugby Mayor Ramesh Srivastava visited Drovers House care home for Dignity Action Day last Monday to see how its shop and household kitchens brought dignity to life.

Resident Harry Sowden showed Cllr Srivastava how Drovers’ design meant people there had more choice, independence and freedom in everyday life – something which is at the core of what Dignity Action Day is about.

The Mayor experienced a typical day at Drovers House, visiting its minimart with Harry to pick up fresh vegetables before taking them back to his household’s open-plan kitchen to blend them into soup for lunch.

Drovers House, in Railway Terrace, was opened in September 2013 by Warwickshire charity WCS Care and with its shop, café, salon, open-plan kitchens offers older people and those living with dementia a fulfilling lifestyle.

Dignity Action Day is an annual event organised by charity Social Care Institute for Excellence that aims to put dignity at the heart of care providers’ agenda.

Harry, a former NHS nurse from North Yorkshire, explained: “I think that all care homes should be centred on people continuing living the way they’re used to – people who live here can use their skills to help cook or grow vegetables or prepare meals, for example.

“There are also busy public spaces at Drovers that give people the opportunity to relax and socialise somewhere different, away from the confined domestic settings most people associate with care homes. It all means that people at Drovers House experience more variety and have more opportunity to enjoy the things they always have.”

Cllr Srivastava also spent time with residents and staff at a buffet in Drovers’ café, A Cup Above.

He said: “It was fascinating to see new ideas and ways of thinking about care in action, especially on Dignity Action Day.

“Those I met who live at Drovers made it clear how important the new concepts there are and the difference they are making to people’s quality of life.”