Deadline approaching to become a Warwickshire county councillor

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The deadline is approaching for prospective county councillors to make their applications before the forthcoming county council elections on May 2.

All prospective candidates are reminded to place applications with the county council by April 5 at 12pm.

Anybody British, EU or Commonwealth citizen, aged 18 or over, who has lived or worked in Warwickshire for at least a year is eligible to stand as a councillor.

All applications should be signed by at least ten people in the ward that prospective candidates wish to stand in.

In all, there are 62 wards in the county.

Full details of county council ward boundaries can be found at .

County councillors play a key role in how services are delivered in Warwickshire, ranging from social care, education, maintaining the road and transport network and developing the region’s economy.

Councillors are expected to attend full Council meetings and local community forums. It is common for members to also serve on several other committees. They receive an allowance for time and expense incurred on county council business.

Jim Graham, Chief Executive of Warwickshire County Council and the County Returning Officer for the election, said: “Warwickshire County Council is dedicated to democracy and for that to work at its best, it needs local people to get involved. We look forward to receiving applications from

candidates who share our commitment to improving the county for its residents, businesses and visitors.”

Anybody interested in registering as a candidate can obtain an official form by calling 01926 413747 or by emailing