Don’t build 92 homes here: Wolston village unites against plan

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VILLAGERS have reacted angrily to plans to build 92 homes in Wolston.

Some 90 have lodged official objections and petitions have received scores of signatures.

But despite the opposition, officials believe it should be granted permission.

Developer JS Bloor wants to construct a houses, flats and bungalows on land off Priory Road and School Street. Most would be within the parish boundary but some would fall in the green belt.

If approved, the new estate would have a central open space, which the developer describes a as a ‘formal’ area. There would also be a ‘wildlife corridor’ incorporating trees, hedges, a pond and a wetland area, and a reserve for great crested newts.

Rugby Borough Council’s planning committee will decide this month whether to grant permission - and many villagers are calling for it to be refused.

Parish council chairman Tim Harvey-Smith said: “Adding 92 homes to the current 1,160 in the village will have quite a heavy impact.

“We also don’t think the design of some of the houses is suitable - parts would look like a townhouse development.

“There’s no need for all these houses in the village, and we think sites like the former Peugeot factory in Ryton would be more suitable for this sort of development.”

Other objections from neighbours include possible harm to views within the village, concerns about traffic and fears about an increased risk of flooding. The Campaign to Protect Rural England also opposes the plan, on the grounds that a recent survey shows a need for only eight houses.

But planning officer Matt McConville recommends that councillors approve the application. His report states: “The principle of the development of the site is acceptable and the submitted scheme would avoid undue harm to the character of the area and the amenities of the occupiers of adjacent dwellings or highways safety.”

The committee will meet at Rugby town hall on Wednesday January 11 at 5.30pm to discuss the matter.