Free child seat safety checks at Asda in Rugby

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PARENTS will be given child seat advice at Asda in Rugby next week following the news that four out of five Warwickshire children aren’t correctly restrained when travelling by car.

The problem was discovered during chlid car seat safety checks carried our last September at venues around the county.

Problems varied from children being secured with an adult seatbelt so that the seatbelt cut across the child’s neck, seats that were incorrectly fitted, damaged or incompatible with the vehicle model, and children being transported in the wrong seat for their age and size including an 11 month old baby that was in a seat designed for a four year old. During the checks seven child car seats were condemned for being too old or damaged.

Warwickshire Police and Warwickshire County Council are now working with parents and carers to get sort the problem out.

Warwickshire County Council’s road Safety Officer Jane Lees said: “In recent years I’ve seen some incredible sights where parents have jeopardised their children’s safety. In one instance I came across a car seat that had been secured by tying a knot in the seatbelt because the dad couldn’t get the straps through the fixings. Perhaps even more alarming was the mother who was driving her 10 or 11 year old son to school and arrived with him stood on the passenger seat with his head through the sunroof waving to his friends on the pavement.”

Warwickshire County Councillor Richard Hobbs, portfolio holder for community protection added: “We’re running this campaign to help people fulfil their responsibility for the safety of children in their care. It is imperative for the safety of children that they are restrained correctly.

“The starting point is to use a child seat that is suitable for a child’s age and weight and to ensure that it is correctly fitted. Parents and carers also need to make sure that the seat will fit the car, as some seats are not universal. People can get advice from the Highway Code, the excellent RoSPA website, the reputable retailers or by visiting one of the child car seat clinics we have organised.”

Child seat advice clinics will take place next week where they will be able to get expert help and advice to ensure they are transporting their children safely. The child seat safety checks will take place between 9am and 3.30pm on Monday, March 19 at Asda, Corporation Street, Rugby.

For guidance on selecting the right seat are available free of charge from the County Council by calling 01926 418062 or emailing