THE ADVERTISER'S Jamie Gray starts to feel the effects of the beer festival.

I may have spoken too soon about real ale giving little hangover. Its either the alcohol or the huge amount of wheat and barley ive consumed (feels like ive got more wheat stuffed in me than a scarecrow), but I feel very groggy today. But in the name of journalism, I shall venture on.

Dressed in my red shirt to celebrate St George, I made my way over to the barrels, and there was Ted, who after two days of solid beer-festivities, seemed as energetic as ever. He said it was time to introduce me to "someone very special"; "Sarah Hughes".

He nipped off, and whilst I checked my appearance in the window reflection, ready for an introduction to Sarah, he returned with a half of some very dark beer. I wasnt dissapointed. Ted told me it was one of his all time favourites, and I could see why.

It was very dark and had a fruity smell, a bit like grapes, and its texture was silky smooth. I could see from Teds glinting eyes as he watched me sip, how special this beer was to him. Another dark I tried was 'Cherry Bomb', which is one of the easiest beers to review, its tastes like cherries! 'Merchants I.P.A' was released today, and somethings are worth waiting for. I would also recommend the 'St Georges'.

As evening drew in, out came the Knights. Many donned the fake chainmail, as there was a prize for the best dressed. None could match the dapper Ted, who with effortless style wore a Marstons Pedigree red waistcoat and dickie bow. A very dapper barrel tapper indeed.