Rare bats get new homes at Draycote Water

editorial image

editorial image

A project to help boost the number of bats at Dracote Water has got underway thanks to volunteers from the Bat Conservation Trust and Severn Trent Water,

Severn Trent rangers are hoping the Nathusius’ Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus nathusii) bats will choose to make Draycote their home.

However, conditions have to be right because bats are picky. Generally they’ll look for warm spaces to help them rear their young – so a south facing location is ideal for maximum warmth from the sun. But they also like to have a choice of roosting conditions, so bat boxes have also been located on the shady side of trees as well – this helps with temperature control.

As a result of this need for variety, working together with Severn Trent Water rangers, six volunteers from the Bat Conservation Trust installed 15 specialised boxes in suitable locations on trees surrounding the reservoir.

Severn Trent Water ranger, Thomas Crawford said: “We regularly hold bat watching evenings and would love more bats at Draycote Water.

“Nathusius Pipistrelle look really interesting with their long fur and big ears and they dart around catching insects in the twilight hours.”




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