UKIP tops Euro polls in West Midlands

Ukip was succesful in the European elections

Ukip was succesful in the European elections

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The UK Independence Party has topped the polls in the European parliamentary elections for the West Midlands region.

It won 31.49 per cent of the vote, ahead of Labour (26.71 per cent) and the Conservatives (24.31 per cent). The turnout across the region - which includes Rugby - was 33.10 per cent.

The result leaves UKIP with three seats in the West Midlands, one more than they won in the last election in 2009. Labour now has two seats - up one - while the Conservatives remain unchanged, with two seats. The Liberal Democrats lost their seat.

The MEPs elected are as follows:

Philip Bradbourn (Con)

Anthea McIntyre (Con)

Neena Gill (Lab)

Sion Simon (Lab)

Jill Seymour (UKIP)

James Carver (UKIP)

Bill Etheridge (UKIP)

The full results for the region are as follows:

UKIP 428,010 (31.49%, +10.23% points on 2009 election)

Lab 363,033 (26.71%, +9.71%)

Con 330,470 (24.31%, -3.77%)

Lib Dem 75,648 (5.57%, -6.48%)

Green 71,464 (5.26%, -0.99%)

Independence 27,171 (2.00%)

Referendum 23,426 (1.72%)

BNP 20,643 (1.52%, -7.11%)

EDP 12,832 (0.94%, -1.35%)

NO2EU 4,653 (0.34%, -0.61%)

Harmony 1,857 (0.14%)

UKIP majority 64,977 (4.78%)

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