MOTHER GOOSE PANTOMIME REVIEW: Wow factor - but is the egg golden?

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Mother Goose

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Until Saturday January 7.

By Lucie Green

I’M not the biggest fan of pantomime, but I couldn’t wait to take my hard-to-please daughter to see Mother Goose for a sprinkling of seasonal sparkle dust.

We were blown away by the children’s pop-up book set and beautifully painted scenes.

My little girl settled in her seat, her eyes widened and she simply said ‘wow’.

There were some mildly amusing one-liners, my favourite being from the talented Andy Hockley playing Mother Goose: “We’re so poor we can’t even pay attention.”

Ian Knauer’s impressively dressed Demon King is an imposing aristocrat from the dark side who has wicked passions, a fine sense of character and real presence.

He was by far the best - and the worst - character for me. Every time he crashed onto the stage my daughter screamed the theatre down and asked if we could leave.

Mother Goose has two sons, dopey Archie (Charlie Ryan) and heroic Jack (Tara Dixon).

Jack is in love with Jill (Hollie Anne Cartwright), the daughter of the greedy Squire Skinflint (William Finkenrath).

Skinflint is easily tempted by the dark side alluring promises.

The singing was decidedly average for a Belgrade production, but all-in-all it was an enjoyable performance.

The decorating scene had the audience in stitches.

So, will Mother Goose resist the charms of the Demon King on his quest to regain power over the village of Middle-Widdle-on-the-Tiddle?

Visit the Belgrade Theatre before the turkey dries out and find out for yourself...