Neighbours' shock as cows invade housing estate

HERE'S a sight you don't normally open your front door to - a herd of cows grazing on your lawn!

About a dozen cows made Longstork Road in Coton Meadows, Rugby, their temporary home after escaping from a field in Leicester Road at around 9.30pm on Friday.

Police were called to the scene after a report that some of the cows had been damaging a front lawn.

Advertiser sales manager Jo Billings, who was visiting a friend in Longstork Road and witnessed the incident, said: "It was totally bizarre - there were cows running all over the place in all directions.

"The police came down and there was a farmer with his sheep dog trying to round them up. Luckily they didn't cause too much damage."

Police managed to herd the animals into a fenced enclosure nearby and they were eventually transported back to their field.