Police warning after van driver robbed in Long Lawford

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WARWICKSHIRE Police are asking the van drivers to be alert after a number of suspicious incidents and robberies in the county in the last few months.

Several van drivers have also been robbed of their vans in recent months including a man who was collecting barriers around road works in Townsend Lane, Long Lawford on November 2 when he was pushed and the keys stolen from his hand.

These were then used to steal his 62 plate white Ford transit van with orange flashing light on the top.

The driver was shocked but not seriously injured.

George Stepney, Crime Prevention Manager, said: “Many commercial vans and high value vehicles have tracking devices fitted and these are a useful deterrent, however we are also offering the following advice to help deter would-be robbers.”

· keep your doors locked whilst driving and try to keep windows wound up, especially at traffic lights.

· being aware of what people around you are doing

· do not stop to assist someone who has broken down. If you want to help, pull over at the next garage or police station and call for help.

· drive to the next garage or police station to report anyone who tries to pull you over for apparently no reason. Even if they prove to have a valid reason, it’s best to be cautious.

· do not drive home if another car appears to be following you. Drive to a police station or area where people are present. If you can, memorise the registration number and write it down when it is safe to do so.

· do not get out of your car if you suspect a car-jacker has accidentally bumped into you and it is not a genuine accident. Car-jackers will sometimes adopt this tactic to get you out of your vehicle so they can steal it. If this happens wind the window down a little to talk to them. If they are genuine, insurance details etc can be exchanged in this manner.

If you are a commercial van driver, keep your car keys safe at all times – Always remove keys from the ignition and lock all doors when leaving the vehicle. It only takes a thief a few seconds to jump into your van and drive away.