Rugby police trying to trace owner of black bicycle

Do you recognise this bike?
Do you recognise this bike?

Police are trying to reunite the owner of a bicycle which was stolen from within the Rugby area and recovered on Monday.

The “distinctive” bicycle is a black BMX with a pink/purple coloured chain, and also has silver emblems with the wording Boost and RbK on the frame. Two other bicycles were also recently recovered by police.

Cycle owners are reminded to ensure that sheds and garages are secure and bikes are locked away.

A Warwickshire police spokesperson said: “If your bike is kept in a shed, keep the shed secure with good quality locks, the windows covered and an alarm.

“Put together a ‘bike passport’, with all the details of your bike along with any receipts, warranties or photos. This will help the Police to trace the bike if it is stolen.”

Anyone who recognises the cycle should contact Warwickshire Police leaving their name and address, contact details stating when and where the offence took place.

Anyone claiming it will also be asked whether they have a photograph of their bike and any documentation which may show the serial number.

Contact Michael Milroy-Macleod on (01788) 856102 with any information.