Save your TV from the digital graveyard

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THE recent digital switchover has signalled the end of the road for many old televisions.

But residents are being encouraged to reuse redundant any TV sets and give it a new lease of life in the house. The full switchover to a digital signal this month means that TVs can no longer receive an analogue signal.

Warwickshire County Council says that instead of consigning the old analogue set to the dustbin, it can be retained as a backup for the household to watch DVD and VHS films, hooked up to a games console or converted to receive digital signals with the aid of an affordable set-top box.

Caroline Faulkner, Warwickshire County Council’s Waste Projects Officer, said: “Some people may think the digital switchover means saying goodbye to their old TV and consign it to the TV graveyard. But many television sets which do not have a digital tuner can either be put to another use, or adapted for digital TV with an affordable set-top box.

“We hope that residents will first try to give their faithful old telly a new lease of life before they bring it to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres.”

If you cannot adapt your old TV or put it to another use, it can be taken along to any of Warwickshire County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres. To find the nearest site and check opening hours visit the website at

Some of Warwickshire’s voluntary and community organisations will also gladly accept unwanted working electrical items, which are inspected, checked and resold – often with a guarantee. To find you local reuse scheme log onto

Residents can also try offering their unwanted electrical items through online reuse networks such as Community Freebay Freegle or Freecycle