Traffic lights by Paddox pub are unsafe, say drivers

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Drivers and residents claim a set of temporary traffic lights in Rugby are “dangerous” and fear they could cause a serious accident.

The traffic lights were installed near The Paddox public house, at the junction of Hillmorton Road and Ashlawn Road, as part of emergency roadworks to repair a sewer.

Owen Richards, of Lower Hillmorton Road, said: “The roadworks at the Paddox junction have resulted in a dangerous situation for drivers and other road users.

“The traffic lights are three-way, but it is not clear to drivers coming from Hillmorton due to the lights being at the corner and no ‘three-way’ sign near them. So some drivers seem to think it only applies to turning left into Ashlawn Road and carry on past the red light.

“There really should be better oversight on how roadworks are carried out, particularly at key junctions.”

Lee Prescott, of Elms Drive, said: “People heading out of town duck into Elms Drive to use it as a rat run to try and beat the lights, many going much faster than is safe for the type of road.

“Combined with this there are a large number of drivers illegally turning right into the other end of Elms Drive to also try and avoid the lights.

“On its own these two factors would be cause for concern, but throw in the fact that this road is used heavily by children moving to and from the nearby park and skate ramps. The lights have been up around 24 hours and we have already witnessed four near-misses. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious injury or fatality here.”

A spokesperson for Warwickshire County Council’s highways department said: “Temporary lights are in place at this junction while Severn Trent Water undertake an emergency sewer repair. The work is due to be completed on Friday May 9.

“Extra signage has been put up in the area to direct motorists and signal operators are present to monitor the lights at peak times.”