VIDEO NEWS: Giant wind farm plans for Rugby villages

VILLAGERS in Yelvertoft have given a mixed response to plans to build a giant wind farm close by.

Plans were released earlier this month to build up to 12 125-metre turbines between Yelvertoft, Crick and Lilbourne.

On Tuesday, energy firm Your Energy held an information day at Yelvertoft Village Hall to outline the proposals.

Charlotte Healey, development manager for Your Energy, said: "The day went well and I think the overall reaction was positive.

"This plan is at its very early stages - no planning application has been lodged and there are many studies still to be done.

"What is crucial is that we let people know exactly what we plan to do and get their thoughts - which we highly value."

Your Energy say that they need to build the wind farm to help the government achieve ten per cent of energy from renewable sources by 2010 and 20 per cent by 2020.

The firm is also offering villagers the chance to visit one of their other wind farms at Burton Latimer near Kettering to help allay any concerns.

But Alan Chantler, who has lived in Yelvertoft for 34 years, said: "These machines will be over eight times the size of Yelvertoft church tower and a total blot on the landscape.

"I am not convinced by anything I have seen today - this plan is not technically and economically viable. The amount of energy produced is minimal and there is not enough wind to power them."

Oliver Bernard, who has lived there for 44 years, said: "It's the wildlife I worry about, it won't affect me.

"Noise is another issue but until they build it we don't know what it will be like. If it's bad you can always move away."

Al Murray, another villager, said: "I don't mind it. You see wind farms all over the place nowadays, why should this be any different?"

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