Warwickshire broadband scheme needs your help

Superfast broadband is defined as being of a speed of at least 24 Mb per second
Superfast broadband is defined as being of a speed of at least 24 Mb per second

Householders in Warwickshire are being urged to contact a council-run scheme if they are not receiving superfast broadband despite living in an area to which the service is provided.

There may be a number of reasons why a property may not receive superfast broadband whilst others in the area can, including being connected directly to the exchange or being some distance away from an upgraded broadband cabinet

The CSW Broadband project is preparing to connect more properties to superfast broadband - but needs to confirm which areas are eligible for assistance.

Cllr Alan Cockburn, deputy leader of Warwickshire County Council, which is behind the project, said: “We have a further £7.68m to take the fibre network further, but can only use public funding for places which will not receive superfast broadband as a result of an earlier rollout.

“We have been told by the broadband providers where they will be offering superfast broadband services up to 2017 and these, together with the coverage from the first phase of the CSW Broadband project, have been shaded grey or black on the new maps on our website. However we believe that not every area that is coloured grey or black will actually be able to achieve superfast speeds, and we need to know about them, otherwise we may not be able to run our network into those areas. We do need to hear from everyone, even if they have responded to previous broadband consultations as the mapping is very different from what has gone before.”

EU rules prevent the CSW Broadband project from spending public money to intervene in an area where there is to be commercial provision. Therefore if an area is wrongly identified as receiving commercial superfast broadband when in fact it will not be provided, that area will be left out of the process.

The CSW broadband project will be going out to tender in the autumn to expand the fibre broadband network. The project has £3.68 million from the Government and £3.68 million from Warwickshire County Council to take superfast broadband coverage up to 95 per cent by the end of 2017. A further £6 million is available from the Government for which match funding must be found.

The current CSW Broadband contract has so far installed 58 new broadband cabinets so that over 12,500 properties can now connect to the network.

The public consultation runs until 17th September and details can be found at www.cswbroadband.org.uk/consultation

Superfast broadband is defined as being at least 24 Mb per second.