WATCH: Dunchurch rallies to raise money for church repairs

The sun shone on the righteous at a festival to raise funds for the renovation of St Peter’s church in Dunchurch.

Organisers feared that the main day for community involvement would be a washout – but the dark rain clouds were burned off by bright sun.

Mary Garratt, Vi Parfitt & Margaret Mercer enjoy the day

Mary Garratt, Vi Parfitt & Margaret Mercer enjoy the day

Church warden Chris Farson said: “Whether the vicar called his boss up, we don’t know, but on Saturday afternoon the sun shone and the sky was blue.

“We were wondering whether it was going to be a washout. The sun shines on the righteous.”

Parishioners need to raise around £250,000 to complete the work, scheduled to start next spring.

The Heritage Lottery Fund is expected to provide three quarters of the money needed and applications will also be made to funds which support historic churches.

Mr Farson, who is also responsible for the project’s fundraising, said that the parish needs to raise around £20,000 towards the costs.