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Club Championships

Rugby Sport for the Disabled held their annual meeting on Saturday with the presentation of prizes to award winners.

The gold, silver and bronze for each sport went to:

Archery: 1 Kevin Rumble, 2 James Smart, 3 Andrew Stow.

Boccia: 1 Graeme Mooney, 1 Iris Bingham, 3 Mike Sheasby.

Bowls: 1 Mike Sheasby, 2 Graeme Mooney, 3 Brian Kinzett.

Cribbage: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 Stewart Morris, 3 Graeme Mooney.

Crossbow-sport: 1 Graeme Mooney, 2 Paul Grietens, 3 David Goulder.

Crossbow-tournament: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 Bob Ledsham, 3 Glen Thomas.

Darts: 1 Brian Kinzett, 2= Graeme Mooney, 2= Steve Burke.

Dominoes: 1 Stewart Morris, 2 Graeme Mooney, 3 Iris Bingham.

Draughts: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 Brian Kinzett, 3 David Goulder.

Kurling: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 Mike Sheasby, 3 Graeme Mooney.

Othello: 1 Iris Bingham, 2=Mike Sheasby, 2=Stewart Morris, 3 James Smart.

Pool: 1 Graeme Mooney, 2 Brian Kinzett, 3 David Goulder.

Scrabble: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 Lesley Hopkins, 3 Norman Bowers.

Swimming: 1 Sean McGahey, 2 Hazel Duckett, 3 Mike Sheasby.

Table Tennis: 1 Iris Bingham, 2 Graeme Mooney, 3 James Smart.

Special Awards:

Godfrey Ingram Trophy: Senior: Iris Bingham.

Junior: James Smart.

Superstars: Senior Female (In memory of Pat Ridgway): Iris Bingham.

Senior Male: (In memory of Avis Dence) Graeme Mooney.

Junior: James Smart.

Wooden Plate: For overall Superstar Winner: Iris Bingham.

Mary Clough Award: Hazel Duckett.

Jan Rosser Cup: Hazel Duckett.

Jackie Cowtan Trophy: Mike Sheasby.