Looking Back - November 22 edition

Barclays Happy Unbirthday Party float 1989
Barclays Happy Unbirthday Party float 1989
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n Looking through our photograph archives last week I found a pile of these great carnival pictures from July 1989.

It brought back memories for me as it was my first carnival with the Advertiser, so I hope it does for a few readers too. On the Junior Tiser float, we all dressed up as Flintstones and stood with a giant ‘Dino the Dinosaur’ on the back of the lorry. And I realised when I found the spread in the paper, that I actually wrote the story to go with it all too! Despite it being a bit of a miserable damp day the event still raised £2,500 for local charities.

The pictures show Barclays’ Happy Unbirthday Party, which won the prize for the most entertaining float and the Pre-school Playgroups 101 Dalmations float won the juvenile section for the fifth time.