Popular bakery rises from the ashes after devastating fire

Pictured: business partners Lac Hincu and Maurice Hartnett.
Pictured: business partners Lac Hincu and Maurice Hartnett.

The owners of a popular bakery have opened up their new production site – just four months after watching their beloved business burn to the ground.

The main site of the Revel Bakery was previously inside Malt Kiln Farm shop at Stretton-under-Fosse, which was destroyed in an arson attack back in June.

Despite a difficult few months, business partners Maurice Hartnett and Lac Hincu have worked hard to get the bakery back on its feet.

They opened up the new bakery site in Little Walton, near Pailton, last week, which will allow them to start returning to normal.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Lac said: “We feel very emotional. It’s been a long journey and it is really nice to be back at work.

“Everyone has been so incredibly supportive and we’ve been selling out of our bread at our shop in Churchside Arcade in Rugby and at Malt Kiln Farm.”

Lac explained that the business was started up by Maurice just six years ago.

It initially started as a hobby for Maurice, making loaves for his friends and family from his kitchen, but soon grew into a successful business that Lac became involved with.

Speaking about the night of the arson attack, Lac added: “Chris Lea, who owns Malt Kiln Farm, phoned Maurice originally and then Maurice phoned me.

“We got there just as the bakery started to burn. We stood on top of the hill and watched it happen.

“It’s heartwrenching, watching all of your hard work burn down in front of you. Everything was destroyed.

“But we decided to rebuild and focus on the positives. Four months later, we’ve got a new place and have bought new ovens.

“It’s been a long process but we’re doing well.”

The Revel Bakery’s bread can be purchased from the temporary shop at Malt Kiln Farm or from Revelicious in Churchside Arcade in Rugby town centre.

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