'Rogue firework' starts fire at school in Rugby, destroying play equipment, Christmas decorations and damaging play area

Children at a school in Bilton have been left devastated after what is believed to have been a rogue firework began a fire which burned their favourite playtime equipment.

Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 4:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 4:28 pm
Henry Hinde pupils have been left upset over the loss of their play equipment.

Children from Henry Hinde Infant School returned to school on Monday, November 11, to find a fire had reduced their playtime and learning equipment to a pile of ashes.

The play area around the sheds has also been badly damaged, while the school’s Christmas decorations have also been destroyed.

Police are investigating the incident, but a spokesperson for the school said they believe the fire was started by a rogue firework.

Fleur Edwards, the school’s principal, said the children were incredibly upset when they saw the devastation.

She said: “The two sheds contained much of the learning equipment that our youngest children play with every day.

“They were so, so sad to find that some of their favourite things have been turned to cinders. They are obviously devastated.”

Among the items that were lost were sets of construction equipment, painting easels, outsides games, dressing-up clothes, puppet theatres and gardening tools.

While the school is insured, early indications are that there will be a long delay between the fire and when costs can be recovered.

The school is now asking businesses and organisations for help.

Fleur Edwards said: “If anyone can provide anything from prams to astro-turf we would be so grateful for their help.”

Those wishing to help can call on 01788 814848.