Caring Rugby volunteers give guidance and support to people in need

ConnectWELL volunteers Chris Newnham and Lynn Walker.
ConnectWELL volunteers Chris Newnham and Lynn Walker.

Here’s the latest column from Rugby-based Warwickshire Community and Voluntary Action.

As ConnectWELL enters its sixth year, the project continues to support and signpost its users to wellbeing services in the area.

ConnectWELL is Rugby’s social prescribing project, an initiative which aims to encourage people to seek alternative pathways to improve and enhance their wellbeing.

We have many success stories, for example one patient we helped remarked how he was feeling much brighter in general and appreciated all the guidance and support he had received from the ConnectWELL team.

You may be surprised to learn that ConnectWELL knows of 1,000 activities and services, ranging from walking groups to a philosophers’ café! The ConnectWELL team is made up of part-time paid staff and volunteers and is based at WCAVA’s offices, 19/20 North Street, Rugby.

We recently celebrated the fantastic work our volunteers do with a coffee morning during National Volunteers’ Week which was held at London Calling.

ConnectWELL could not function without the support of its volunteers.

Volunteer roles vary and all are interesting and rewarding.

Navigators work from GP practices, helping patients to find a service suitable for them.

Volunteer health buddies provide one to one support when required by attending activities with patients. Administrators work tirelessly to ensure our fountain of local knowledge is kept up to date to allow us to provide a high quality service for patients.

If you would like to find out about volunteering with ConnectWELL, please contact Carol Kavanagh on (01788) 539578 or email You can find out more about our services by phoning the ConnectWELL office on 01788 539572. More details can be found at