An alarming fire, CCTV in the 1960s and fears for petrol stations: From the Archives, May 16 edition

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Some interesting nuggets from the archives of the Advertiser...

100 years ago: May 17, 1913

An alarming fire occurred at the quiet little village of Flecknoe on Wednesday morning. Smoke was observed issuing from the roof of the Olive Bush Inn, and the thatch very soon became alight. A messenger was despatched to Daventry for the Fire Brigade. Here a delay arose. Flecknoe not being a contributory parish for the Brigade’s service, the Captain could not turn out without some authority from a responsible person, but after communication by telephone, the Brigade reached Flecknoe in splendid time.

50 years ago: May 17, 1963

Closed circuit television was brought into use on Tuesday afternoon for the formal opening of Westlands old people’s home in Oliver Street, to enable residents in other parts of the building to see and hear the ceremony in the main dining hall. The home, which was built at a cost of £68,000, has accommodation for more than 40 residents. Mr SWJ Green, a local Justice of the Peace and member of the Welfare Committee, formally opened the home. He said it was “one of the happiest days of my life.”

25 years ago: May 12, 1988

Rugby’s smaller petrol stations could be forced out of business by the “unfair competition” of Tesco’s new filling station, it was claimed this week. Garages near the Leicester Road site are losing trade and say they cannot compete with Tesco’s prices, which initially undercut Rugby’s other filling stations by 10p per gallon. Director of the Avon Service in Boughton Road, Roger Lilley, said his company has been losing 800 gallons a week in sales since the Tesco station was opened for weeks ago.