From our archives August 25

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Looking Back 25, 50 and 100 years.

August 22 1961

£400 for swimming pool fund: with £1,050 already in the bank towards an estimated total of £5,000 required to provide a swimming pool in the grounds of the Parent Techers’ Association of the Harris School raised a further £400 on Saturday at their annual fete.

The organisers were supported in their effort by seventeen school children from Austria who were the guests of parents and pupils of the Dunsmore schools while in this country on a month’s holiday to tour the Midlands and visit London. The party of eleven girls and six boys, in their national costume, gave a display of dancing and sang songs to guitar accompaniment during the afternoon. They were one of the highlights of the fete and ‘stopped the show’ when several hundred visitors gathered around the opener’s platform to watch the performance. Rugby MP Mr AR Wise said the swimming pool was a worth while object. One only had to see the newspapers in August to see how many school children drowned at seaside resorts because they did not know enough about swimming to save themselves.

August 21 1986

RUGBY people could make certain of a lasting memorial to the town’s most famous poet with a donation of twenty pence a head.

Alternatively an average donation of £10 per local business could ensure the statue of Rupert Brooke which it is hoped could become a major tourist attraction. The Rupert Brooke Centenary Association is appealing to individuals, associations and firms to make the planned statue a reality.

Treasurer Ron Chilvers said that while generous donations were being received the response had been disappointing.

“It is most important that businesses and members of the public who are considering donating should do so now,” he said.

“I’m not suggesting that we could rival Stratford-upon-Avon, but at least we could get the town on the tourist map if we get the support we seek.”

August 18 1911

IN MARKED contrast with the agitation and industrial conflict that prevailed in many places on Saturday last was the peaceful and happy scene to be witnessed in Mr TA Wise’s field, Bilton Road.

More than 3,000 children participated in the annual treat provided by the Rugby Co-operative Society. The entertainment afforded to the youngsters of the town in this way costs the society about £50, it is considered the money is well spent, and the children certainly derive a great deal of pleasure from the holiday.

On arrival at the Lower School field each child was presented with a bag of provisions. The total quantity distributed being 4cwt of slab cake, 3,100 buttered rolls and 6,200 fancy cakes. In addition, of course, a great quantity of tea was consumed, the four large urns in use, each containing many gallons, each emptied of their contents, showing that the warm weather had made the guests particularly thirsty.

Balloons were sent up and at dusk there was a good display of fireworks. The treat was pronounced to be one of the most successful on record.