From our Archives June 16

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A look back through the Advertiser’s archives, 25, 50 and 100 years ago.

100 years ago

June 14 1911

CATAPULT nuisance: Frank Lock, labourer, of Worcester Street, Rugby, was summed to court for discharging stones from a catapult in New Bilton.

The defendant pleaded not guilty. PC Hunt said that at 8.15pm he was on Lawford Road, near the Cement Works gates when he saw defendant shoot twice with the catapult on to the buildings.

Complaint had been made of damage done to skylights in the works, The defendant denied that he used the catapult and said that his friend had been shooting at the telephone poles.

He was fined 2s 6d and the chairman said that if property was damaged this way in the future fines would be much heavier.

SATURDAY night disgrace: Mary Ann Hunt, of no fixed abode, was charged with being drunk at Rugby on Sunday morning, and pleaded guilty.

PC Shorthouse said he found defendant lying helplessly drunk on the side of the Barby Road at 2am and that on her way to the police station her conduct was most disgraceful. She was fined 2s by the court.

50 years ago

June 12, 1961

WORST services in England? Dear sir, Rugby’s bin refuse collection service is shocking. We had to wait 14 days for our last collection. Apart from the unsightlyness this is also a menace to health.

This is a black mark for Rugby, as is the state of May Lane. Before the local elections, nominees were going to do so much to put the through-fare right, but since the election it has been forgotten about. The place remains a deep swamp that traffic cannot get through.

Finally, why is it that Rugby cannot have a competitive bus service? The one we have now much be the worst in England. The only thing the owners think of is the school contract. It is impossible for workers to get from Bilton to Warwick Street before 9am, despite many letters from many people to the head offices, nothing is ever done about this. It is not a public bus service at all, but an appalling, chaotic mess.

Forty years ago Rugby was a charming town. Just look at it today.

Yours, a housewife.

25 years ago

June 12, 1986

COUNCIL workmen are to investigate stories that a long forgotten piece of history may be buried on a Rugby building site.

People seeing demolition work going on in Pinders Lane have told the council there is a steam engine sealed in an old workshop cellar. The engine is believed to have been left sealed up in the cellar around the turn of the century.

“It is obviously something we can’t ignore, said senior architectural assistant Frank Amoss. “What we are going to do is get the contractors to make a big hole and see if there is anything down there. We didn’t know anything about it until people started contacting us.”

Mr Amos explained that if anything was found in the James Street building site then the matter would go through the town hall legal department.

He added that there used to be an old watercourse down Pinders Lane and houses had their own wells with pumps to bring up the water. One resident told the council that in the 1840s there was a railway workshop on the site.