From our archives, September 15 2011

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From our archives, looking back 25, 50 and 100 years,

100 years ago

September 16 1911

DEAR Sir: I have read with interest in your paper the correspondence on the subject of hooliganism in the park.

I think it is a great pity that the young fellows of Rugby, mostly the sons of rate payers, cannot use the park on a Sunday afternoon as a place of rest after a hard week’s work without such kill joys as your correspondents interfering and denouncing them as hooligans.

I am a frequenter of the park on a Sunday afternoon and have never seen any misconduct or annoyance of the type your co-respondent sees ‘regularly’. More so, what is the use of a park if people are not to go there to recreate themselves and forget for a while the cares and worries of business?

If they do wear yellow boots and socks of ‘vivid hues’, why should they be criticised?

They satisfy their own tastes and pay for themselves and they will never ask Mr Foddy and Co to buy them, neither will they consult them in their matter of dress.


One of the Hooligans

50 years ago

September 16 1961

A RUGBY magistrate, Mr N Hands, recommended two Rugby constables, PC Chater and PC Briggs for the “very efficient way in which they carried out their duties” at a Rugby court on Wednesday.

After the hearing, four London men, who it was alleged broke into the Gibbet Garage, Churchover on August 30 and stole 1,100 cigarettes worth £10 4s and 10d, were remanded until the next Quarter Sessions.

Chief Inspector Woodward said PCs Briggs and Chater, on motor patrol duty that night, noticed a blue van parked in the forecourt of the garage which was closed. As their car turned around the traffic island they saw a man running from the side of the garage. PC Briggs chased and caught him. Chater chased and caught another of the men while he was running away from the garage. The two other men were caught later after a search of the area with police dogs.

PC Briggs said he saw that a window of the garage has been broken and that a waste paper bin inside had been filled full of cigarettes.

25 years ago

September 18 1986

AN ELDERLY Rugby couple awoke to find burglars in their bedroom.

The couple – a 64-year-old woman and a 73-year-old man – were woken up on Saturday night when someone switched on the bedroom light at their Mercer Court flat. The masked raiders asked for money and then for jewellery.

The burglars left the flat with £20 cash and a £3 cigarette lighter. There were six other break-ins on Hillmorton Road and Boundary Road on the same night.

Detective constable Peter Herring said: “At this stage we think all the incidents may be related and would like anyone who saw anything suspicious to come forward.”

SAY no to Jesus cult: Youngsters were being urged to shun a controversial church - the Warwickshire-based Jesus Fellowship Baptist Church.

The church was in Rugby recruiting new members. But it had come under criticism for encouraging members to shun their friends and family when they join the church.