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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago - March 9 1912

A copy of the Bayeux Tapestry, printed on paper and mounted on linen has been placed in the large upper room at New Big School (Rugby School).

The copy is the same size as the original and, strange to say, there is just enough of it to go round the room.

It has been fastened to strips of wood affixed to the wall at a height of about 10 feet from the floor. So far as can be gathered from the catalogue of the museum, it passed into the possession of the School some 30 years ago, but it is not stated where it was procured. It was exhibited a few years ago in the Museum, but it then necessitated taking all the other pictures down.

Since the New Speech Room has been opened, all the pictures of Old Rugbeians &c which were in the upper room at New Big School (originally built for a speech room but found not to be large enough) have been removed there, causing the latter room to have a bare appearance. Dr David, the present headmaster, thought this room would therefore prove a very eligible place to exhibit the tapestry.

50 years ago - March 9 1962

Rugby Riding and Pony Club who two months ago received notice to quit their Springhill headquarters owned by Rugby School are to rent seventeen and three quarter acres of land from Rugby Corporation.

The land, in Ashlawn Road, not far from the present ground, is at present tenanted by Mr Thomas Evans, Hillmorton Grounds.

Mr Ian Willis, chairman of the club told The Rugby Advertiser that the ground would have to be ploughed and re-seeded. At present Messrs Wiggins and Russell, agents for the Corporation, were negotiating a new lease for the transfer.

A four-acre paddock at the bottom of the site could be used immediately if they wished.

Meanwhile, Rugby School, who had asked them to leave Springhill by September, have agreed to allow the club to retain stabling and other buildings until they leave.

It is hoped to move the buildings to Ashlawn Road if they were in sound enough condition. The alternative would be the purchase of new buildings. In either event the move would be costly.

25 years ago - March 5 1987

Blueprints of Rugby’s prestigious library, museum and arts gallery have been unveiled.

For the very first time, the town can see what its spectacular £3.5m arts complex will look like.

And work on the two-storey building - hailed “exciting, dramatic and striking” - could begin within the next five years.

The complex will have the library on the ground floor and arts gallery, museum, coffee bar, servery and shop on the second.

The scheme, which has taken years to formulate, won unanimous praise from councillors at Warwick this week.

Rugby’s Phil Blundell said it would be a building of great quality of which Rugby could be proud. It will bring together the Shire’s busiest lending library - it makes 800,000 loans every year - and Rugby’s sparkling treasures, currently on loan to the Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry.

It is a contemporary building which blends easily with adjacent Georgian-type premises.

Architect Geoff Blumenthal said all being well work could begin by 1992.