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100 years ago

August 31, 1912

Early in the present year public attention was drawn to the urgent need in Rugby for artisan dwellings.

Not only was allusion made to the subject in the local and daily press, but the matter was discussed by Rugby Urban District council.

It was generally acknowledged that the supply of working-class houses was very far short of demand.

Six months have gone by and the Advertiser had an interview with Mr F Fraser, secretary to the BTH company and found that he considered the house problem in the town as acute as ever.

“We have two new shops in course of construction,” said Mr Fraser. “Which shall require at least 800 additional work-men. We want houses let as rents from 6s per week.

“There are many married men in lodgings and they will not stay because there are no houses for them and their families and they naturally cannot keep two homes going.”

Asked if it was feasible for BTH to acquire land and build houses, he said they could not be expected to do this.

50 years ago

August 31, 1962

Plea to visit local parks - gifts for Mr CH Cooper: Rugby townspeople were criticised by a former mayoress of the borough, at a presentation ceremony on Friday, for not troubling to visit local parks.

Mrs BM Sutton, mayoress to the late Mr JK Mellor (1940-42) was presenting a pen and pencil set - the gift of the mayoress Mrs JL Skelhorn - and past mayoress of Rugby to Mr CH Cooper, who has recently retired after 24 years as the borough parks super-intendent.

The town’s parks were not well patronised, Mrs Sutton went on.

She and her husband enjoyed the profusion of colour.

Mr Cooper has earned and deserved all the praise he had received for work, she said.

Mr Cooper remarked that there were people who had lived in the town for thirty years but had never visited Caldecott Park.

This was a great shame, for everyone should pay at least one or two visits a year.

Mr Cooper had earlier received a fireside chair, the gift of past mayors and members of the Parks committee.

25 years ago

August 27, 1987

Two sisters who are married to cousins gave birth to two healthy bouncing babies within hours of each other.

Kevin and Kay Morgan of Norton Leys, Rugby found out at the end of last year that they were to be proud parents.

Only two weeks later Steve and Pam Twynham of Ronald Close, Rugby also discovered that a family was on the way.

Stuart Kevin Morgan was born at 11 minutes past twelve on Tuesday, weighing in at a bonny 9lb 3oz.

Sarah Jayne Twynham put in an appearance at one minute past four and weighed 5lb 7oz, also at the maternity ward at the Hospital of St Cross.

Kay and Pam think that the babies will probably be very close, especially as Pam will look after Stuart when his mum returns to work at the Halifax Building Society in Rugby.

Grandparents are thrilled about the birth of two newest members of the family, as is great-grandmother Phyliss Walters who said: “I think it’s great that it has worked out like this.

“They are my 13th and 14th great-grandchildren.”