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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago

January 18, 1913

George Shearsby, groom, no fixed abode, was charged on remand with stealing 2lbs 13oz of pork, value 2s 7d, the property of George William Thomson, butcher, 5 West Street, Rugby on the night of the 11th. Mr H Lupton Reddish, solicitor, Rugby, defended.

Prosecutor deposed that at 11.15 on the night in question, prisoner went to his shop and asked for a piece of pork. He weighed the piece and wrapped it up. Prisoner then said he would like another piece. Prosecutor went to the window for some more meat, when the prisoner bolted from the shop with the pork already supplied to him. He was followed and apprehended by police at the entry in Little Elborow Street.

Mr Reddish said defendant was so much under the influence of drink he did not recollect what happened. He was the son of a widow living at Southam and had been employed by an American gentleman at Welford for four months. His employer had gone back to America and had discharged his grooms. He had never been in trouble before and would be fined £2 including costs.

50 years ago

January 18 1963

It is estimated that the present cold spell, the coldest continuous spell since 1881, has cost the Rugby Borough Council about £4,000 for snow clearing and de-frosting to date. Snow clearance in Rugby rural area roads cost about £7,000 for the first week.

Last year Rugby Council spent almost £3,000 on snow clearance on the three or four days of very severe weather early in the New Year, their total bill, last year was far in excess of that figure.

This year they have economised considerably by taking advantage of accurate information from the Meteorological office, by the use of neat salt in advance of severe frosts and snow storms, stock piling of sat in the summer months and the use of their own snow clearance vehicles purchased as a result of last year’s debacle.

This year the corporation have used two bulk gritters for the first time, making the job speedier and more effective then in previous years when it was done by hand. They keep a supply of shovels to hand out to the general populace if conditions become really severe.

25 years ago

January 14, 1988

Soccer hooligans, believed to be members of a notorious gang who were turfed out of Banbury by police, went on the rampage in Rugby.

The gang started a fracas on Saturday night in the Bull Hotel in Sheep Street in which a member of staff had a broken beer glass pushed into his face and the landlord was punched and kicked.

The fighting spilled out into the street and four windows in the hotel were broken. Windows were also broken at ‘Amy’s, Cook’s Chemist and Exclusive Video, all in Sheep Street, totalling more than £1,000. One witness said there were about 35 to 40 of them and he thought they were part of the Baby Squad who go around causing trouble at places where Leicester City play.

He added that they had the identifying features of being a bit older than the average fan, 25 to 40, were well dressed and had tattoos on their necks saying ‘Made in Leicester.’

Afterwards the gang headed to Market Place where a beer glass was thrown through a cut-glass window in The Crown, causing £200 damage.