From the Advertiser archives - April 13, 2017 edition

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April 14, 1917

The Food Controller urges upon the country that if we are to combat the effects of the submarine warfare on our food supplies, the consumption of bread must be reduced. Instead of the 4lb of wheaten bread allowed as an average weekly allowance, the person who wishes to serve his country should make do with 3lb. The well-to-do are particularly asked to reduce the quantity of bread they consume in order that the poor and the workers may not go short.

April 14, 1967

Television detector vans, like the one stalking the streets of Rugby at present, look rather like an ultra-modern butterfly catching device - at least this is the impression given by the large net-like aerial protruding from the roof. The vans, clad in official looking post office olive green, as opposed to bright red, were designed by post office engineers and came into operation about four years ago. The equipment works on similar lines to radar and the television makes an unmistakable impression on their screen.

April 9, 1992

At least 900 homes in seven villages in the Rugby district will have supplies of natural gas piped in by Christmas. A parish meeting in Braunston was told that mains laying in West Haddon would start in June and be completed by October. Schemes to follow would supply Crick, Yelvertoft, Barby and Kilsby, with Braunston, Ashby-St-Ledgers and Welton to follow. The total cost would be about £660,000 with the cost of a meter in each house between £350 and £400.