From the Advertiser archives: April 19 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

100 years ago

April 20 1912

This week the whole civilized world has been profoundly shocked and distressed by an unparalleled disaster to the largest and most perfectly equipped passenger vessel in the world.

The Titanic - which was recently built for the White Star Company was a veritable floating palace and was claimed to be practically unsinkable.

Her length was 882 feet, width over 92 feet and height 104 feet.

A better idea of her immensity will perhaps be gained if we say that if the buildings between the Rugby Clock Tower and the School were cleared out to the width of the widest part of the Market Square at the Clock Tower, the vessel would approximately fill the space and the officers on the navigating bridge would be looking down upon the top of the old tower of the Parish Church about 30 feet below them.

Survivors state the iceberg had been reported to the bridge by the lookout, but not early enough to avoid collision.

As the last lifeboat left the Titanic the ship’s band played ‘Nearer my God to Thee.’

50 years ago

April 20 1962

Trips by train advertisement for London Midland trains: Easter Sunday, 22nd April: Cleethorpes 21/- (Rugby Central 9.25am).

Brighton 22/- (Rugby Midland 9.40am). New Brighton 21/6; Southport 22/6 (Rugby Midland 9.50am).

Tamworth 5 6d, Lichfield Trent Valley 6 6; Stafford 10 6d; Stoke on Trent 13-; Macclesfield 16-; Stockport 18 6d; Manchester 19 6d; Crewe 14 6d; Runcorn 18 6d; Liverpool 20 6d.

Easter Monday: Blackpool 28/- (Rugby Midland 8.29am); Skegness 21- (Rugby Central 9.5am). Each Sunday London 19/6 (Rugby Midland 8.5am and 11.18am).

And a Midland Red advert for Easter coach tours from Rugby.

Sunday, April 22nd: 9am motorway tour to London airport 16-9.

Other tours included Vale of Evesham, Stratford, Warwick Races, Rugby Races, Spalding Tulips, Whipsnade Zoo, Thames Valley tour, Dovedale, Cheltenham tour, Woburn Park tour, Towcester Races, Birmingham races, evening tour, Cotswold villages, Dudley Castle Zoo and Wicksteed Park.

25 years ago

April 16 1987

Five hundred pupils were evacuated from a Rugby high school after workmen accidentally set fire to the headmaster’s office with a blow torch.

The painters and decorators, who had been stripping paint from window frames, tackled the blaze with a school hose.

When the Rugby fire brigade arrived at Newbold Grange High School on Friday, the flames were already under control.

Station officer Len Wilson said afterwards: “Although the painters started it, in fairness to them they did prevent a very serious fire.” The blaze happened at 2.30pm when children were returning to their classrooms from the afternoon break.

The school corridors were filled with black smoke. Both the headmaster’s and secretary’s offices were smoke and water damaged.

Headmaster David Turbayne said: “Some of the staff assisted the workmen in tackling the fire.”

One of the painters said: “As we started it, it was probably only fair that we put it out.”

The local firm did not wish to be identified.