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April 28, 1917

Probably no result of the War has been brought home to the public more emphatically than shortage of paper, due to the great reduction in the quantity of pulp and other materials for making it being imported from abroad. There are , however, in the country vast accumulations of paper which might be used up and re-manufactured if it could only find its way to the mills. An organisation has been formed in Rugby, which if adequately supported cannot fail to have gratifying results.

All waste paper of the kind mentioned will be properly baled and sent off to certain mills, the owners of which will pay a good price per ton for it - much higher than the rates which have usually been paid for waste paper. All the proceeds will be devoted to Rugby charities so that no one will make a personal profit and all who help will know they are gaining a twofold advantage by helping to maintain the paper supply and assisting charity. Headmasters Mr WTC Hodges, of Murray School and Mr WT Simmonds of Elborow Schools, have made arrangements to collect from people’s houses and a postcard addressed to either of those gentlemen will receive prompt attention.

April 28, 1967

Excitement is mounting in Rugby as arrangements for the visit of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on May 12 are being finalised. More than 2,500 schoolchildren are expected to greet the visitors and line the Royal routes. Among the notables of the town who will be presented to them after their arrival at Rugby Midland Station at 2.50pm are the Mayor and Mayoress Coun and Mrs Stanley Carter, members of the council and Mr WG Price MP for Rugby, and Mrs Price.

April 23, 1992

Retiring headteacher David Turbayne knows what he will miss most of all when he leaves this summer - the pupils. In an education career spanning 35 years, the Avon Valley School head has been a biology teacher, taught A-level students, served as a deputy head and finally took charge of the former Newbold Grange High School in 1979. He said: “It has been a privilege to work at the school. We are now on a very sound footing financially and well established as a grant maintained school, which has a bright future.”