From the Advertiser archives - April 6, 2017 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

April 7, 1917

The abnormally bad weather which marked the weekend over practically the whole of the British Isles became even worse on Monday night. When day broke the countryside in the Rugby district was already under two or three inches of snow. Another heavy fall of snow occurred on Tuesday night. On average we get at least one fall of snow in April every other year. The most remarkable was on April 24-25, 1908 when the ground was covered to a depth of 14 inches.

April 7, 1967

More than 40 years’ active association with hospital administration and nearly 100 years of his family’s work for hospitals were brought to a close last weekend when Mr Norman Edyvean-Walker ceased to be chairman of No.20 Group Hospital Management Committee. Mr Edyvean-Walker’s grandfather, Mr Frederick Fuller, was one of the handful of prominent people who met on March 29 1869 to set up a nursing home in a house in Pennington Street. Three years later the home was moved to Castle Street and in 1876 it became the first Rugby Hospital.

April 2, 1992

Traffic levels in the Rugby area will rise by 23 per cent in the next decade, councillors were told last night. They were presented with a revised traffic report as borough planing committee members discussed the future of housing and road links in the Rugby area. Road projects seen as essential are the Western and North-eastern Relief Roads, but that’s ten years away.