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August 1 , 1919

(The August 1 copy is missing, so this letter is from August 8): Sir, I notice that a Mr Ratcliffe is reported at a Labour meeting as finding fault with certain gentlemen for playing polo instead of working. As Mr Ratcliffe describes himself as being out for a ride at the time, it would seem he was not working either and I have not the slightest doubt that if he kept his eyes open he also saw many others playing cricket, bowls and the like.

One and all were amusing themselves, and the only difference between these gentlemen’s polo and Mr Ratcliffe’s cycling would seem to be that polo gives useful employment to may and his cycling benefits only himself. J Lintern, Clifton, Rugby

August 1, 1969

The Rugby Hospital of St Cross, for months the subject of local controversy, is to undergo extensive development which will eventually replace most of the ageing and cramped accommodation in Barby Road. A statement from the Birmingham regional hospital board says that the working party set up to look into the facilities recommends that all hospital services for Rugby be concentrated at St Cross.

This will mean the eventual transfer of the services now provided by St Luke’s Hospital and St Mary’s Maternity Hospital in Harborough Magna.

Mrs Betty Aspinall, of Barton Road, who organised a massive petition against the transfer of services from St Cross to Walsgrave in Coventry was disappointed. “On paper it sounds promising but they are still only talking, it has taken from March to July to get even this. I am disappointed there has not been much action and no specific detail, but I am pleased that St Cross will be larger rather than smaller.”

July 28, 1994

Rugby Lions members were last night deciding the future of the town’s top club. A secret ballot was due to elect the committee of the new club - which must have its business plan accepted by the RFU by August 1 or it will not be allowed into Courage Division Three. Members were faced with a choice between the executive committee of the old club - which has been dissolved with debts of £400,000 - led by David Rees and Ivan Cawood, or a set of new faces, including Don Willis, planning officer Brian Hall, solicitor John Partridge and Colin Steel.