From the Advertiser archives - August 10, 2017 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

August 11, 1917

Lord Rhondda has asked local authorities to appoint Food Committees for administering a new scheme of sugar distribution and later for other foodstuffs, including bread and meat. Each committee must include at least one woman and one representative of labour. It will be the first duty of the committees to safeguard the interests of the consumer. They will register grocers and other retailers of sugar and after October 1st no retailer who remains unregistered will be allowed to deal in sugar.

August 11, 1967

Rugby Borough Council were urged on Tuesday to bring pressure to bear on the Ministry of Housing and Local Government to approve the town centre development proposals. Coun Peter Gerold said Rugby was not included in the list of 163 town centre schemes approved by the Minister. “We are told that it will not be until 1973 that we are considered for loan sanction,” he said. “We have missed the boat again, in fact our boat never got its sailing orders. What has gone wrong?”

August 6, 1992

Building hundreds of homes at the radio station has been ruled out this century - but when development starts it will be bigger than the first small-scale plans.

Rugby Council will no longer site some of its houses needed until 2001 on land between the A5, Clifton and Hillmorton. But chief planning officer Hayward Underhill said: “We feel the radio station could come on stream after 2001 as a prime location.”