From the Advertiser archives August 11

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JULY 31 1911

THE regrettable occurrence at the BTH Works last week, by which a young engineer named Harold Fisher was electrocuted, was the subject of an enquiry on Friday last week.

It was conducted by Mr JJ Willington Wilmhurst, county coroner in one of the offices at the works. Walter Fisher, deceased’s father, gave evidence of identification and said his son, 24, was in good health the last time he saw him. Deceased was a strong, healthy young man and had not had health issues earlier in his life, the court heard.

It transpired that Mr Fisher was electrocuted by a generator with a current strong enough to cause discolouration of the coins inside his pockets. Mr Krumbholz said he saw the victim hours after he had died and that his injuries were consistent with receiving a shock of 2,100 volts – which is sufficient to cause death. Summing up the case, the coroner said it was a very sad case, as Mr Fisher was well regarded among his workmates and that his employers found him of good character and a reliable, steady worker.


AUGUST 1 1961

A RUGBY policeman was found guilty of ‘crass folly and criminal misconduct’, according to Warwick judge Justice Davies.

The PC pleaded guilty to obtaining almost £300 on false pretences and not guilty to stealing a car – pleads which the prosecution accepted.

He was fined £75 and lost his police pension, which would have been worth £395 a year. The PC was on a salary of £970.

A LETTER from the Queen Mother: Dear Mr Mayor (Cllr A E Page), I am writing at the bidding of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother to tell you how very much Her Majesty enjoyed the day she spent in Rugby.

It was, for Her Majesty, a source of real pleasure to once again be in the town of which Queen Elizabeth has such happy memories of days gone by.

Wherever she went in the borough, Queen Elizabeth was deeply touched by the warmth and the welcome she received and Her Majesty was also very pleased to have met a number of Rugby’s leading citizens.


AUGUST 7 1986

NEW changing facilities could help blow the whistle on cheeky footballers stripping off in front of Butlin Road residents.

A £142,000 scheme to improve changing rooms on the town’s Whinfield Recreation Ground is already under way. But red-faced Butlin Road residents remain unconvinced that the saucy sportsmen will make full use of facilities – opting instead to continue stripping off in the street, or in their cars.

“First of all we had the footballers changing outside our homes and now the cricketers have started doing it.

“It isn’t nice for the children in the area to see these people with next to nothing on.

“If it was anyone else they would be arrested for indecent exposure,” said one angry resident who did not want to be named.

Problems have dogged Butlin Road with double yellow lines preventing parking on the other side of the road beside the recreation ground.

Completion of the changing rooms is expected to be in the new year.