From the Advertiser archives - August 13 edition

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August 14, 1915

Is the grey-green uniform which is being worn by 300,000 members of the Volunteer Training Corps of which the wearers need to be ashamed? It has been approved by the War Office as fit to be worn on the battle field, but not in public. The official rule is that it must only be worn for the purpose of military training and the volunteer must change into civilian clothes before he can go to a music hall or theatre, or he is liable to be turned out.

August 13, 1965

For many years one of Rugby’s best-known residents and one of the most popular figures in the wholesale tobacco trade, Mr Pat Lennon died at his home in Moultrie Road on Monday, the day before his 76th birthday. At one time an alderman of Rugby Town Council, he presented £1,000 to the borough in 1953 to be used for the purchase of a mayoral chain, a fine piece of craftsmanship in gold and enamel. He also served on Warwickshire County Council.

August 9, 1990

Opposition is mounting to a British Telecom plan to build 900 homes on the Rugby Radio Station site.

Parish and borough councillors together with businessmen’s representatives and people living close to the 250-acre site are voicing their concern. It follows the release this week of a ten-page feasibility report. Clifton Parish Council, which borders the radio station but through which the link road could go, is poised to call a special meeting.