From the Advertiser archives - August 23, 2018 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

August 24, 1918

Two apprentices from Caldecott Street and Murray Road were summoned for discharging stones from a catapult at Hillmorton. One said he shot at a sparrow but not at any animals. PC Robinson said he saw defendants aiming stones into a hedge by the roadside, but on seeing him they threw the catapults into the bushes. They informed him they did not think they were doing any harm. There were cattle on the other side of the hedge. Fined 7s 6d each.

August 23, 1968

The effect of the new selective fares increases on inter-city train routes to come into force in September will not be felt so hard in Rugby as other areas. The major increases will be on fares to London, Manchester and Liverpool. A single fare to London will now cost 24s, an increase if 1s 6d. A single to Manchester goes up to 30s and a single to Blackpool to £2. Although London is one of the cities most affected, only 7,625 passengers left Rugby for London during the past four weeks.

August 19, 1993

Rugby Lions could be facing financial ruin if help is not found immediately, warns chairman David Rees. He has hit out at the general apathy of the town and appealed for support if Lions are to avoid a similar scenario to the cash crisis and liquidation of VS Rugby. If Lions does go under, top class rugby could be lost to the town for decades. The club owes almost £400,000 for the new clubhouse and needs another £40,000 to settle last season’s day-to-day bills.