From the Advertiser archives - August 28 edition

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August 29, 1914

Buyers of horses for Army purposes have been busy in the Rugby district during the past week. Heavy animals suitable for transport purposes have been specially in request, this being a type of animal extremely difficult to replace at the present time. The Government buyers of heavy horses intimated that they wished to scire 60 or 70 in the town. Amongst those purchased on Wednesday was the horse belonging to the Rugby Co-operative Society which won the silver tankard in the local show last spring.

August 28, 1964

While workers wilted in the heat this week, Rugby kept going. Very little effect on production was reported by the town’s principal factories. But it has been a week of high demand in Rugby for pop and ices. The Midland Counties Dairy warehouse is almost cleared of lollies. Wednesday was the hottest August day for three years and the hottest August 26 for 53 years when temperatures soared to 83 degrees F by early afternoon. The sun temperature over grass rose to 93 degrees.

August 24, 1989

A report that could lead to more prosecutions of Sunday traders is to be put before Rugby Borough Council. It has been ordered by the chief executive John Lawton. And it is a direct response to the multi-thousand pound prosecutions of traders in Coventry during the past few weeks. Borough leader Gordon Collett has said that it is time Rugby started to obey the law. At present companies are not prosecuted for Sunday opening unless the council receives a complaint from the public and they are willing to go to court.