From the Advertiser archives - August 7 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

August 8, 1914

With appalling suddenness the British Empire finds itself up against the most serious situation ever experienced by any nation. On Tuesday last week Austria declared war on Servia under circumstances described elsewhere. It was feared that it would lead to a general European conflagration, but the most strenuous and unremitting efforts were made by the British Government to bring about a peaceful settlement - unfortunately without avail. Before the end of the week a state of war existed between Germany on the one hand and Russia and France on the other, and the respective armies were mobilized.

August 7, 1964

A Rugby youth was among 15 ‘little brothers’ who left Southampton by ship on Wednesday week to settle in Australia. He was Thomas David Stirling, the son of Mr and Mrs Stirling of 45 George’s Avenue, Rugby. It was the 25th party of youths, aged from 15 to 19 to leave for Australia this year under the sponsorship of the Big Brother movement, promoting the emigration of selected boys and to take the place of absent parents and friends. Upon arrival in Sydney he will be found employment. The movement continues to watch over each boy until he is 21.

August 3, 1989

Police yesterday staged a full-scale reconstruction of last week’s raid at Barclays Bank in Murray Road, when an armed raider held up a cashier at gun point and stole £2,500. The re-run was arranged for Central Television programme Police 5 which goes out tonight (Thursday). As a stand-in robber ran out of the bank towards his waiting car in Abbey Street, the incident was filmed by this film crew with presenter Shaw Taylor. The bank is offering a £10,000 reward for information leading to conviction.