From the Advertiser archives - August 8 edition

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In the news 100, 50 and 25 years ago

August 9, 1913

An Algerian pedlar appeared in court charged with unlawfully wounding Frank Jarvis, machine hand, by stabbing him in the left hand. It followed an affray in the Beehive public-house, Union Street. The defendant came in with some articles for sale. Witness bought a shawl for 1s 9d on condition that the prisoner paid for a drink . But he attempted to leave without doing so. Witness caught hold of his arm and defendant slashed out with a knife. He was found guilty and fined 30s.

August 9, 1963

It is understood that several thousand pounds worth of registered mail posted in Rugby was put on the Glasgow-Euston train at Rugby Midland Station only an hour before the train was raised near Leighton Buzzard in the early hours of yesterday. Rugby Midland was the last station at which the train had called to take up mail. The ‘up’ Travelling Post Office, it was in Rugby Station from 2.15 to 2.20. Within an hour the train pulled up at a signal at Cheddington, Bucks, which had been set at danger by the raiders.

August 4, 1988

Labour party leadership challenger Tony Benn brought fresh enthusiasm and confidence to Rugby socialists when he visited the town. He received a standing ovation from a 100-plus crowd at St Andrew’s Church Hall, after he outlined the way forward for Labour. Speaking at the public meeting organised by local Young Socialists, he criticised Labour’s current ‘watered-down socialism’. Defending the decision to oppose Neil Kinnock he explained the past three elections had been lost under right-wing leaders.