From the Advertiser Archives: December 15

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Delving into the Advertiser archives from 101, 50 and 25 years ago

101 years ago

December 12 1910

ASSAULT on a workhouse official: John Wildon, on tramp,was charged on remand with assaulting F G Humphries while in his execution of his duties as a porter and assistant manager at Rugby Workhouse. Mr H Lupton-Reddish, instructed by Rugby board of Guardians, prosecuted. The victim was instructed to liberate the prisoner, As he opened the cell door the prisoner came at him with a hammer, striking him on the arm and the shoulder. The shaft of the hammer hit his head, The court was told that if the hammer, which had been procured from the stone cell, had struck his head, then it could have been a murder case. A prisoner named Charles Pittam overheard the commotion and together he and the victim overpowered the prisoner and shouted for assistance. During the scuffle Pittam suffered an injury to his shin after Wildon kicked him. He also punched Mr Lupton-Reddish in the face, breaking his glasses. The prisoner had no wish to say anything in court, and was committed for trial at the next Quarter Sessions at Warwick.

50 years ago

December 12 1961

Thousands of heavy vehicles have been checked by the police in efforts to find the lorry involved in a fatal accident in Princethorpe last Thursday.

Mr Eric Arthur Barnett, 61, managing director of Messrs Francis and Barnett motorcycle manufacturers, Coventry, received fatal head injuries when he was crossing the Coventry to Oxford Road near the Leamington turn. Lying near the body were four pennies and it is thought that he was crossing the road to get to a telephone kiosk. Police have been checking traffic on the road since the accident and interviewing locals. An appeal for information was broadcast by the BBC on Friday led to a woman coming forward who told the landlord of the Three Horse Shoes, Princethorpe of the accident. Police have said there were many enquiries still to be followed up. Dr Derek Carrowcliffe said the cause of death was head injuries. The inquest has been adjourned until later this month. Mr Henry Oxley, a production engineer, brother in law to Mr Barnett, identified the body.

25 years ago

December 18 1986

FIREMEN in Rugby have denied that they can use a gap in the Corporation Street central reservation as a short cut to the fire station.

Tony Ansell, local chairman of the fireman’s union, said this week the opening in the safety wall was used only for the egress of emergency vehicles.

He was answering a letter in last week’s Advertiser.

It had implied that firemen used the route to the station at all times, not just in emergencies.

Mr Ansell said: “Rugby station has one appliance manned by retained personnel.

“These men are required to respond to the station in an emergency as quickly and safely as possible.

“The Home Office set times for our vehicles to reach emergencies situations.

“Recently difficulties have been experienced in getting to situations in time.

“For this reason we’re talking to the council about altering the barrier.

“Under no circumstances, other than an emergency, have firemen been using the gap.”